Professional interpretation for all events




Interpreters work in sound-proof interpreter booths. They hear the speaker using headphones and simultaneously interpret (translate) into another language. The participants also use headphones in order to hear the interpreter.
This type of activity requires high concentration and it is essential that the interpreters work in pair in order to offer a high quality service.


This is a type of simultaneous interpreting, but without technical equipment. The interpreter whispers and works for not more than 2 persons. This type of service is used for short events because it is highly demanding, weakens the vocal cords of the interpreter and it is more difficult for the participants to follow the event as they can hear both the original and the whispered interpreting.


Consecutive interpreting is performed without the use of technical equipment that is required for simultaneous interpreting. The interpreter listens to the speaker and interprets subsequently into the target language.
This type of interpreting is suitable for events such as round tables, workshops and other interactive environments.